Our bespoke service

Our bespoke service

Commissioning your first pair of bespoke shoes is an exciting experience. It is collaborative, involving discussions and decisions about styles, toe shapes, heels, soles, leathers and detailing. It also requires some investment of time for all-important fittings. Given the complexity of the human foot and the three highly skilled artisans involved in making your shoes, the first pair takes around six months to deliver. However, once we have made your first pair, subsequent pairs can be ordered easily by email or over the telephone and take around 12 weeks.

Commissioning your first pair of bespoke shoes

Relaxed and informal, our first meeting starts with a conversation about your personal style. We then take your foot measurements, choose toe shapes, and agree a heel height. From these choices, our expert last makers will carve a pair of lasts tailored to your feet. (These are the wooden blocks that the shoes are made on). Meanwhile the conversation turns to shoe and boot styles, choice of leathers and details before your chosen shoe design is finalised.

The design is then drawn onto the last to ensure good proportions and balance. A pattern is made and your shoes are cut out (clicked) and sewn together (closed) in the chosen leathers. We then pull the shoe uppers over your lasts and attach a temporary sole and heel. This is when you will see and try on the shoes for the first time. At this stage we check if any adjustments and further fittings are needed to improve the fit.

Once you are happy with the comfort, feel and look of your shoes, we make them at our workbench – a process that involves over 200 different steps, hand held tools and oak bark tanned leather from Bakers in Devon, England.

A process that involves over 200 different steps

The finished shoes are delivered boxed, wrapped in soft cloth cotton bags and fitted with wooden trees shaped to exactly fit the contours of your shoes.

Boxed, wrapped and fitted with wooden trees