Shoe making school

The Carréducker Shoe Making School offers the rare opportunity, for complete beginners and those with some shoe making experience, to learn the specialist skills of English shoe making – aspects of footwear design; aspects of footwear pattern cutting; techniques to click (cut out) and close (stitch) footwear uppers; and hand sewn English welted shoe making - taught in a creative environment by master craftsmen and industry experts.

Since we founded the Shoe Making School in 2006, we have met hundreds of wonderful people from across the globe and realised that the courses aren't just about making a pair of shoes. Learning new skills and challenging yourself can lead to all sorts of changes. We're very proud that, over the years, our courses have given students new-found confidence; started new careers; fanned an enthusiasm for making; given an appreciation for craftsmanship; and even been the catalyst to go off to do something new.

Here are a few comments from our wonderful School alumni:

" was an eye opening experience for me. Definitely interesting to see how much work goes into a pair of handmade shoes and I'm going to treat shoes and shoemakers with newfound respect from now on".

"I really enjoyed the course. It has been a great experience going through the different steps and to end up with a pair of shoes made entirely with my hands. It is really amazing!!"

"Wonderful would be the first comment that springs to mind. Certainly felt a little deflated when...I had to go back to my...normal life". 

"Thank you both for your patience and positivity throughout. I enjoyed it immensely. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and may have altered my life's trajectory".