Our Bespoke Manufactured service shares all the qualities of our bespoke handsewn shoes – designed with your personal style and comfort foremost, made on your bespoke lasts from outstanding materials (for longevity) and hand lasted in our London workshop – however the making is then completed by one of our specialist British manufacturers, offering you a much wide choice of looks from casual sneakers with a flexible micro sole to heavy walking boots with a rugged commando sole.

As with the Bespoke Handsewn, our Bespoke Manufactured can be serviced and repaired throughout their life.


Email us to find out more and to make an appointment at one of our three central London venues:

Carreducker 50 Chocolate studios


If you prefer not to travel to us, we will:

  • Ask you to put together a wish list from our Bespoke Gallery or to send us images of your preferred shoe style
  • Conduct the initial design consultation via Zoom
  • Send you a short film, guidance notes and a measurement kit to enable you to take your measurements yourself, (with Zoom assistance if required)
  • Develop your lasts (the longest part of the shoe making process) and design your shoes
  • See you for a fitting, ideally in person, but if not we will send the shoes to you and conduct a virtual fit assessment
  • Make your shoes in our workshop
  • Deliver them to you


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