Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell MA

Fiona is a footwear design alumnus of Cordwainers College (now part of the London College of Fashion) and Leathersellers Guild Award recipient. She has extensive experience in all aspects of British bespoke shoe making with a career that spans fashion footwear; running her own footwear label and retail outlet; working with one of the longest standing West End bespoke shoe makers in London (established in 1857); and working with members of the exclusive, West End Master Boot Makers Society.

Fiona is a consultant in couture footwear; a guest lecturer at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; and teaches at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts in London, Dubai and Singapore.

Fiona teaches 1-to-1, short and five-day footwear pattern making classes at the Carréducker Shoe & Leather School

Deborah Carré

Deborah has a BA Hons in Fashion Design & Marketing and specialised in footwear for her degree collection, working with Tricker’s of Northampton. She went on to a career in public relations before winning a coveted Queen Elizabeth Trust Scholarship in 1997 to train as a handsewn shoemaker. She completed her apprenticeship with a master shoe maker for John Lobb, where she met James, before setting up her own business, Atelier Carré in 2001 and co-founding Carréducker in 2004. Deborah was a recipient of a Balvenie Master of Crafts Award for Leather in 2011 and the QEST Award for Excellence in 2018.

Deborah is committed to passing on her skills. She was a visiting lecturer in accessory and footwear design at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London; and, together with James, has been teaching hand sewn shoemaking since 2007, co-founding the Carréducker Shoe & Leather School in Shoreditch in 2018.

James Ducker

Master shoe maker and co-founder of Carréducker, James Ducker was attracted to handsewn shoe making whilst teaching business English in Spain. He attended the Shoemakers Guild School, Barcelona before returning to London to continue his shoemaking training as an apprentice at John Lobb, St James.

He was a shoe maker for John Lobb until 2004 when he co-founded Carréducker with Deborah. James is a passionate champion of handsewn shoemaking. Before co-founding Carréducker’s own world-renowned shoemaking courses, he lectured in handsewn shoe making at Cordwainers College (now the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London).

Today, he and Deborah welcome students from all over the world to study the traditional craft of English hand sewn shoemaking at their Shoe & Leather School in Shoreditch.

Marcus McGrath

Marcus is a master shoe maker with a passion for traditional bespoke shoe making. His interest in the hand sewn craft began when he was studying footwear at Cordwainers College (now part of the London College of Fashion) where he graduated with an HND in Footwear Design.

From there, Marcus took the traditional route into the hand sewn trade and became a shoe making apprentice with John Lobb, St. James. Today he is one of their longest serving master shoe makers. Marcus recognises the importance of passing on his skills and knowledge. Not only was he a hand sewn shoe making tutor at Cordwainers College, but he has been responsible for training the shoe making apprentices at John Lobb for the past 15 years.

Marcus is a visiting lecturer at the Carréducker Shoe & Leather School.

Glove maker Riina Õun

Riina Õun

Riina is a London based leather accessories designer and maker with 15 years of experience in the craft, specialising in hand-stitched, luxury leather gloves.

Since 2013, Riina has worked as creative director, designer, and maker for her brand Riina O’. The Riina O brand´s goal is to carry on the traditional glove hand making techniques, combining them with modern technological advantages, such as CAD, machine embroidery and laser cutting.

Handcrafting leather gloves is a dying skill. For this reason, Riina Õun has started teaching glove making workshops at universities and organisations around the world from New York to China and we’re delighted to host her at the Shoe & Leather School, Shoreditch too!


Frankey Pinnock

Frankey is a leatherworker and artist-maker. She began her career in craft as a junior modelmaker at Aardman Animations before completing a Model Making degree at the Arts University, Bournemouth. Here she explored design and making for puppetry, architecture, conceptual footwear and costume and was selected as a finalist in the World of Wearable Art competition in New Zealand.

She went on to work for renowned leather interiors company Bill Amberg Studio, where she trained in traditional hand stitching, gaining experience working in an array of leathers and their applications across a variety of different disciplines. After two years, having developed skills in both hand and machine sewing, Frankey went on to specialise in bag making, working for Simpson of London.

Independently, Frankey’s passion for leather and its inherent qualities lead her to traditional handsewn shoe making and its use of English oak bark tanned leather. In 2017, she was awarded both a QEST scholarship and the Heritage Craft Association trainee award to continue her footwear training.

Frankey is a visiting lecturer at the Carréducker Shoe & Leather School