A Conversation of Cordwainers

We made this film during London Craft Week 2019 to highlight just how diverse the world of handsewn, bespoke shoemaking is in London, from chunky, avant garde sneakers to sleek West End shoes. So we invited four other independent bespoke shoemakers to join us in conversation under the expert eye and considered voice of writer, author and founder of PermanentStyle.com, Simon Crompton.
A Conversation of Cordwainers
A Conversation of Cordwainers – left to right: James Ducker, Sebastian Tarek, Dominc Casey, Felix Jouanneau & James Kearns

Watch A Conversation of Cordwainers here

The film features avant garde sneaker maker James Kearns, boot maker Felix Jouanneau and handsewn bespoke shoemakers Sebastian Tarek, Dominic Casey and James Ducker.
We would like to thank Itch Media for making everyone look and sound so good and the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers for their generous support and sponsorship.
Film sponsored by worshipful company of cordwainers
Shoemaking film
Carreducker’s handsewn boot making film for The Design Museum, London

The Design Museum, London

We’re proud to champion one of the oldest crafts, handsewn shoemaking, in the dynamic environment of the Design Museum, London. A pair of Carréducker handsewn boots now sits as part of the Design Museum’s permanent exhibition alongside hundreds of other iconic pieces in the permanent exhibition, Designer Maker User. 

Watch our boot making film here.