Learning completely new skills is an exciting challenge and working with your hands is rewarding, fuelling both heart and soul. Why not give yourself a new challenge or to get together with a group of friends to try something new?

We offer a wide range of unique learning experiences here at our lovely workshop in Shoreditch including:

  • Evening classes
  • One day shoemaking workshops
  • 12 day shoemaking courses
  • 5-day pattern making courses
  • Introductory shoe making , leather work and glove making classes
  • Intermediate shoemaking, leather work and glove making courses
  • Shoemaking masterclasses -Norwegian welting, Storm welting, Bevelled waist and Fiddle waist techniques
  • Special Experiences for small groups
  • Corporate training days

…all taught by industry experts and practising craftsmen. read more

Showing all 17 results

Showing all 17 results