Amwell Hunting Shoe

Amwell Walking Shoe is inspired by the British countryside and combining functionality and style.

This sturdy shoe is made from a 2.2 mm substance veg tanned leather from our favourite micro-tannery in Tuscany which makes them warm and robust. They also have a Norwegian welt to make them more weather proof; this is where we fold the upper leather outwards and stitch the sole to the this flap of upper leather. Note the row of larger stitches along the bottom of the upper which give s a robust look to the shoes. Although they have a leather sole, we also added a rubber sticker sole for extra grip and water proofing. The bellows tongue enhances this feature. These shoes won’t let you down, even in the most extreme conditions, much like these boots from the same collection

The welted seat adds stability in the heel.

UPPERS: Chestnut, veg tanned leather with bellows tongue trimmed with olive kid skin.

LINING: natural veg tanned calf skin

MAKING: standard heel height; 3/8″ sole; rubber sticker sole; natural finish throughout; square waist; welted seat


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