Bevendon Saddle Derby Shoe

Saddle derby shoe in black elephant and burgundy veg tanned calf skin. Elephant may not be to everyone’s taste, but rest assured it comes from a managed game reserve in Kenya where they cull the numbers to keep the population in line with the size of the park. Additionally, it has a CITES licence in line with all the exotics that we use. The calf leather is veg tanned in Tuscany by Badalssi Carlo, one of our favourite tanneries.

The saddle derby shoe is a Carréducker staple and we have made it in a variety of combinations beginning with these beauties from 2006. We think the three eyelets in the waist give the shoes a more relaxed aesthetic and will help in warm weather. We also adapt the proportions to suit each customer’s last shape

This customer wanted his initials in the waist so we used brass nails and a simple modern font. This is an intricate process which you can see on this short film on our Instagram feed.

UPPERS: black elephant and burgundy veg tanned calf by Badalassi Carlo

LINING: black glace kid

MAKING: 1″ heels; 1/4″ sole, bevelled waist; black finish throughout, brass nail monogram in waist

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