Cyrus Oxford Shoe

Navy crocodile shoes! Sometimes you just want to stand out and these are the perfect shoes for that. The Cyrus is inspired by some of our more extrovert customers who like to beef up their shoe style. And what is more eye-catching than crocodile? The scales, the gloss, it shouts luxury. We love it!

We make the Cyrus from finest Nile crocodile with a semi gloss finish. We liked the matte finish too but plumped for this version to give a bit of shine to proceedings, especially in the evening in artificial light

When you make a pair of crocodile shoes, you need to buy two skins so that you can match the scale pattern on both shoes. But you also need to buy a skin that is wide enough to make the vamps. This is why crocodile shoes are so reassuringly expensive. Luckily these are Oxfords with a cap so there are more pattern pieces and so the skin size was a bit smaller. The absolute king of crocodile shoes is the wholecut because you need a pair of very large skins which really kicks the price.

The other thing we really liked about this skin was the colour. Navy shoes are not for everyone, but we have seen a real upsurge in orders in the last few years, and long may it continue because we love it as a shoe colour for men.

UPPERS: Navy, semi gloss Nile crocodile

LINING: Navy gace kid

MAKING: 1/4″ sole; standard heel height; navy finish on the soles; natural finish on the sole and heel edges.

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