Emerson Chukka Boot

The Emerson chukka boot is big, bold and beautiful. This customer loved his Westland chukka boots so much that he ordered an exact replica but in this Sunburst Museum Calf by Zonta.  We absolutely love this leather – when you lay out the whole skin on the clicking table, it is like looking at a photograph of the sun’s surface. The customer said he would wear them to impress his customers in the China and the Far East. They will definitely be noticed!

The soft chisel toe of this last and the plain vamp accentuate the vivid patina of the leather. He also chose his signature royal blue glace kid which he has in all of his Carreducker bespoke shoes. The uppers have the royal blue kid in the slip beading on the top line to give that extra pop of contrasting colour.

They have oak bark tanned leather soles by Bakers; a bevelled waist; a royal blue lining; and a hand built leather heel.

We love them and think they will make the customer smile every time he puts them on.

UPPERS: Sunburst Museum Calf by Zonta, hand crows foot stay stitches, royal blue slip beading

LINING: Royal blue glace kid

MAKING: standard heel height; 1/4″ sole; bevelled waist; natural finish throughout; hand welted; stacked leather heel; hand finished

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