Lever Derby Shoe

Tan derby shoes are an absolute staple in any man’s wardrobe and we think the Lever is a cracking example of the genre. Derby shoes tend to be a little less formal than oxfords and we think this lustrous Longchamp tan box calf gives them a distinct air of the weekend. It also polishes beautifully to give the cap a mirror shine.

They have 5-hole facings and a hand stitched stay stitch. We prefer the stay stitch because it is a giveaway to those in the know of a handsewn shoe. Plus, the contrast with the rest of the stitching is harmonious.

The colour is a bold burnt orange tan which will age beautifully. We have used it many times and when we see the shoes back for repairs, it always has a lovely patina of age.

UPPERS: Longchamp tan box calf; slip beading; straight cap; back seam with dog ear; hand stay stitch

LINING: straw veg tanned calf by du Puy

MAKING: 1″ heel; 1/4″ sole; bevelled waist; natural finish throughout

If you like these tan derby shoes, you might like these which have a little more decoration and a paler hue. They are a particular favourite of ours, we absolutely love the leather which is a veg tanned baby calf, soft and full of life.


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