Murray Oxford Shoe

The Murray Oxford shoe illustrates one of the best things about bespoke shoes – the collaboration between the customer and the shoemaker. He came to us wanting “a pair of black shoes” but without a clear idea of how he wanted them to look. So we went through a series of samples and images until we arrived at this handsome oxford shoe. As it turns out, he did know what he didn’t want which is actually very helpful when making design choices

He wanted them for a wedding and wanted them to be smart and I think we hit the spot. There is an element of customisation with the toe medallion which is asymmetric and is a monogram. We always try to make monogram toe medallions subtle so that it is not too obvious that it is initials – it’s like a secret code within the shoe. We put a high shine on the toe to highlight the medallion.

The red glace kid lining gives them a look real luxe- we have always and always will love a coloured lining. It’s that little touch of secret detail which only you know about – another of the beauties of bespoke

  • UPPERS: black Weinheimer box calf
  • LINING: red glace kid
  • MAKING: standard heel height; 1/4″ sole; black finish throughout; bevelled waist

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