Exton Derby Shoe

Wing cap derby shoes are not an obvious choice for your first pair of bespoke. But that choice is fully vindicated with the Exton. This was a father and son who came to see us together to order a pair of shoes each to mark the son qualifying as an accountant and starting his first job. What a lovely gift!

His main criterion was something he could wear on any occasion. So a derby was a good choice as it spans both work and the weekend. The addition of the wing cap gives a certain elegance while the dark tan is very versatile – the best of both worlds you might say.

They have 5-hole facings and a subtle hand stitched stay stitch. We prefer a hand stay stitch because it is a giveaway to those in the know of a handsewn shoe. In addition, the contrast with the rest of the stitching is harmonious.

The colour is Tempesti Cuoio, a veg tanned calf from Tuscany and is one of our favourite colours from that tannery. It has so much life and gentle colour gradation which we enhanced with the polishing. The brogue punching and toe medallion give them a timeless aesthetic

UPPERS: Tempesti Cuoio veg tanned calf; slip beading; wing cap; counter; hand stay stitch; toe medallion; brogue punching on cap and counter

LINING: crimson glace kid

MAKING: 1″ heel; 1/4″ sole; bevelled waist; natural finish throughout

If you like these wing cap derby shoes, you might like these which have a little more decoration and a paler hue. Consequently, they are a particular favourite of ours, we absolutely love the leather which is a veg tanned baby calf, soft and full of life.


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