Taplow Derby Boot

Derby ankle boots are a real staple of many men’s wardrobes and this is the Carréducker Bespoke Manufactured version. And we think it is a rather handsome beast. We wanted them to be rugged, able to withstand a long country walk or a day hitting the streets. But we also wanted a certain refinement in keeping with a bespoke boot

So we combined certain design elements to achieve this goal. First up is the round toe which gives a nod to your favourite walking boots. Then we added in some brogue punching in unexpected places to subvert the classic brogue boot. We also machine stitched a leather sole and then cemented a repairable commando sticker sole and heel top piece. And finally is the colour which is a rich caramel tan from our favourite Italian tannery, Tempesti. It is a sturdy 2mm substance veg tanned calf which will age with a lot of character and will stand up to everything you throw at it.

All in all, we love this boot and we hope you will too

UPPERS: tan veg tanned calf with straight cap, counter and facings. Brogue punching on the seams

LINING: straw veg tanned calf

MAKING: hand lasted; Norwegian welt; commando sticker sole; 3/8″ sole; midsole

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