Hatfield Trainer

Bespoke trainers, the ultimate luxury for a sneaker head

We styled them based on the Buckland, our first bespoke trainers. So they have the same retro lines and long facings, inspired by bowling shoes. We felt we had to play to our making strengths, so the foxing is stitched by hand to a Bakers insole . As a result, the inside is as cushioned and comfortable as the outside. From day one.

The customer wanted a monochrome black trainer so we chose a super soft veg tan.  Also, we padded the top line to create that classic soft feel of bespoke trainers We used the same leather as the lining which continues the monochrome aesthetic of these black bespoke trainers.

We hand stitched a double welt to the insole to create the foxing (the strip of leather around the trainers) and filled it with light flexible EVA. Then we finished the construction with a durable Vibram sole which is easily repairable any number of times. So the Ashford will last as long as your other bespoke shoes. As long as you look after them!

This pair will find a home in Washington State and we hope they will be very happy there.

UPPERS: black veg tanned leather; turned, padded top line

LINING: black veg tanned leather

MAKING: hand stitched doouble foxing; lightweight EVA inner sole; black Vibram outer sole

If you fancy a pair of bespoke trainers, please get in touch with us – bespoke@carreducker.com and we will happily talk you through the process.


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