Jermyn Desert Boot

The Jermyn leather desert boot is part of the Carréducker Bespoke Editions range.

This is a range of bespoke footwear for existing customers who already have a pair of bespoke lasts that fit well. We intended them to complete a man’s wardrobe with less formal styles. They have alternative soles to the classic welted leather sole that we usually make. This pair, for example, has a machine stitched commando sole, but we can also use various lightweight rubber soles like Dainite or crepe. We lasted and welted them by hand to make sure the fit is correct, but we then machine stitched the soles and heels. We did all the finishing by hand in the usual way.

They have bespoke, three-piece boot trees. These are hand carved by our last maker. They keep the leather desert boot in prime condition by shrinking the leather back onto the tree and reducing creasing across the vamp. This vastly prolongs the life of the boot.

UPPERS: St Crispins Baby Calf in dove grey. Full veg tanned burnishing calf

LINING: natural veg tanned calf

MAKING: hand lasted; hand welted; machine stitched commando sole; standard heel height; hand finished

Love this leather. Once burnished the true depth of colour comes out. Think browns, pinks and creams, gorgeous!

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