Pitfield Tassel Loafer

Tassel loafers are a favourite of ours, their simplicity coupled with the bold flourish of the tassels combine to create a wardrobe classic. And the Pitfield tassel loafer is no exception.

We made them for a retired nurse with a defined personal style, who, after a lifetime on her feet, had trouble finding shoes that combined comfort and elegance. So she decided to go for bespoke, a perfect solution for the comfort vs style conundrum. Tassel loafers can be tricky to fit because they have no fastenings, so she really challenged our fitting skills with the Pitfield

They are  very chic and, thankfully, so did she. We used a burnish calf  which was very soft, so great for comfort as she often wears them without socks. It also has a warm mottled finish which is beautiful.

We hand lasted them and then Blake stitched a leather sole and heel unit which brought them in and an accesible £1,390. They are part of our Bespoke Manufactured range which aims to give the customer a wider choice of styles and price points.

UPPERS: warm brown, ultra soft burnish calf

LINING: veg tanned straw coloured calf

MAKING: hand lasted, Blake stitched leather sole; nailed heel unit, natural finish on sole edges and heel edges

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