1-to-1 Shoe Making



27/08/2018 - 31/08/2018

If you are unable to join one of our scheduled shoe making courses, why not come along and make a pair of hand sewn shoes working alongside us in our workshop instead?

Email us at courses@carreducker.com to enquire about dates and availability so that you can learn shoe making at your own pace and at a time to suit your schedule, whether it’s one day a week or two days a month.

At the start you will be given a set of comprehensive, shoe making course notes and a pack of shoe making materials – lasts to work on in your chosen size (the forms the shoes are made on); leather uppers (you will have chosen either black or dark brown); and “rough stuff” leather for the soles etc.

In the following days and weeks, we will guide you through the 200+ steps in the shoe making process – lasting, welting, stitching on a sole, building leather heels and then finishing the shoes, all by hand. You will work with specialist hand shoe making tools – from the shoe making knife (you best friend or worst enemy depending on how sharp it is), sleeking bone and lasting pliers to sewing awls, irons and a French pattern hammer – and traditional shoe making materials – oak bark tanned leather, tar, thread wax and hemp thread.

The course fee for a tailored, 12-day shoe making course is £3400. After up to 96 hours of shoe making, you will proudly walk away with a pair of shoes that you have made yourself!

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