Key Fob Luxury Christmas Crackers


The best luxury Christmas Crackers, each packed with a beautiful fob designed to last that you will enjoy using…all the fun and none of the waste.


Boxed set of 6 crackers, hand made in our workshop and each containing a beautiful key fob made from sustainably sourced, veg. tanned leather from Tuscany, with a sturdy keyring and chunky clam clasp.


Why not have each of your fobs personalised with your guests’ initials? (Up to three letters) Simply include the initials for each fob in the notes at checkout and we’ll take it from there.


  • Pick a partner and pull your cracker, holding the snap inside each end firmly for maximum bang!
  • Admire your beautiful fob (check you’ve got the right one if it’s been personalised!)
  • Attach your keys and clip it safely inside your bag, inside your coat or to your belt loop.
  • Relax and enjoy your day


  • Every cracker is unique and the wrapping paper, colour of leather and hardware will vary.
  • The cracker itself is a sturdy cardboard tube; covered in environmentally-friendly, recycled wrapping paper; fitted with a cracker snap; and tied with unbleached cotton ribbon or string.  Why not reuse them to make your own cracker next year, to wrap a late present, to decoupage a favourite box; use the tubes to grow herbs or simply recycle them?

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