Shoe Making Kit – The Full Monty


The ultimate shoe making kit of materials, lasts, uppers, tools and video instruction to make a pair of handsewn leather shoes, saving £100.



1 pair of 0743 plastic lasts with an almond toe shape; 1 1/8” (28mm) heel height; and spring breaking system – please use the diagram and chart below to help you to choose your last size (at checkout)

1 pair of calf leather uppers in a choice of classic Wholecut, Oxford or Derby styles, in four colour choices and with detailing options – for the size of last you have chosen

A “rough stuff” pack of Bakers’ oak bark pit tanned leather – insoles, welts, shanks, cork, soles, split lifts, heel lifts and top pieces – for the size of last you have chosen

1 x spool of linen thread

1 x ball of homemade thread wax

1 x lump of tar for attaching bristles (enough for about 20 pairs of shoes).(You will need to buy a reel of 0.4 mm fishing line if you want to use bristles or a set of needles if you prefer them).


1 x pair lasting pliers for pulling the upper over the last
1 x flat, shoe making knife for everything!
2 x awl handles
1 x welting awl blade for stitching your welt
1 x stitching awl blade for sewing your sole
1 x shoemaking tape measure
1 x silver pen for marking your leather upper
1 x sleeking bone for smoothing out lumps and bumps
1 x French shape hammer for shaping and smoothing your leather
1 x edge iron for setting your sole edges – please choose the width you want from 3/16″ – 3/8″
1 x heel iron for burnishing your sole and heels
1 x plough, a push knife for trimming lips
1 x size 10 fudge wheel for marking the stitches

(Basic tools, such as nail punches and nippers, can be bought from a local hardware store. Once you really get into shoe making, we offer a whole host of other specialist shoe making tools to add to your tool box!)


We’re bringing everything that we know about handsewn shoe making online in our new shoemaking videos. This set of 6 modules covers our infamous 12-day course for beginners, filmed over several days and edited into bite-sized modules that take you through the 200+ steps in the shoemaking process.

Module 1: Preparation – How to prepare the components for handsewn shoe making – the stiffeners, toe puffs, insoles (including the holdfast), welts and threads (Duration: 39 minutes)

Module 2: Hand Lasting – How to fit the stiffeners and toe puffs; and pull over and secure the uppers to make the shoes tightly shaped to the last (Duration: 34 minutes)

Module 3: Welting – How to hand stitch a leather welt around the shoes (Duration: 31 minutes)

Module 4: Soling – How to prepare and attach a leather shank, cork filler and a leather sole, stitched by hand (Duration: 45 minutes)

Module 5: Heel building – How to build leather heels with layers of leather, nails and paste (Duration: 52 minutes)

Module 6: Finishing Parts I, II & III – How to finish the soles and heels – waxed and polished (Duration: 52 minutes, 15 minutes & 10 minutes)

Now you are all set for shoe making!

Carreducker 0743 last measurements

How to measure your Carreducker 0743 lasts

Dark brown leather
Burgundy leather
Black leather
Tan leather
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