Dog Collar Class


Some of our happy customers:

Nellie in a Carreducker dog collar

Join us for a fun workshop to hand stitch a beautiful, leather dog collar

Dates & Times:

Contact us to arrange a date.

Course Description:

Working with hand tools and in natural veg. tanned leather we will show you how to:

Polish and finish the edges of the collar

Punch the stitch holes

Saddle stitch: fit and stitch the buckle, D-ring and keeper in place

Make the buckle holes

Stamp the dog’s name or initials on the collar


All materials are provided.

Collar details:

The collar is available in a choice of

Leather: Soot black, Forest green or Oak bark veg. tanned leather 4mm thick

Width: 16mm or 25mm

Hardware: Nickel or brass

Length: Each collar will be cut to length ready for the workshop, so please email us with your dog’s collar length, measured from the bar on the buckle to the most frequently used hole (please use a non-elastic/non-stretch collar)

Our ethos:

To work with the best materials and create products that last:

Tactile, durable and supple veg. tanned leather from Tuscany and oak bark leather from England.  Veg. tanned leather is a natural, organical material; the tone and depth of colour of the leather varies and changes with use and age, developing a beautiful patina over time. (Leather is a waste material and by-product that would otherwise go to landfill or be incinerated).

Natural 100% felted wool for its durability and softness

Solid brass / nickel hardware from Italy and England


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