London Design Festival Sunglasses Case Class


To celebrate the London Design Festival we’re offering a series of classes with a special LDF discount

On this class you will make a beautiful sunglasses case from supple Tempesti leather

Date & Time:

Wednesday 21 September, 11am – 1.30pm


Carreducker, Unit 1.20, The Courtyard, OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, London SE1 9PH

The Sunglasses Case Design:

This is a simple, envelope design, cut from unlined, veg. tanned leather; saddle stitched at each end and fastened with a brass, Sam Browne stud.

Class Description:

You can choose from a variety of veg. tanned leather colours on the day, from Chestnut Brown to Sun Yellow.

Then, working with hand tools, we will show you how to:

Polish and finish the edges of the leather

Stamp the case with your initials or name

Punch the stitch holes

Punch the holes and fit a Sam Browne stud

Saddle stitch the case


All materials are provided.


The leathers we use are from the Tempesti Tannery in Tuscany, Italy:

We often use offcuts from shoemaking in our classes

Leather is wonderfully tactile and supple

Leather is a byproduct, made from animal hides which would otherwise be destroyed

Veg. tanned leather is naturally tanned using organic vegetable matter such as oak or mimosa bark; an environmentally-friendly process

Because veg. tanned leather is a natural, organical material, the tone and depth of colour varies and will change with use and age, developing its own beautiful patina over time.


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