3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift (for two)


The class is for 2 people

Contact us to arrange a date

The class is approx. 2 – 3 hours duration

In this private class to celebrate your third wedding anniversary, you will make two beautiful leather accessories  – an Italian leather card case, perfectly sized for travel, business or bank cards and a leather strapped key fob with a chunky clam clasp and key ring.

Personalise your accessories with each other’s initials, a special date or a memorable number for you both.

Course Description:

This is a great introductory course to stitching leather with great results at the end!

Starting with a set of tools and the pre-cut leather pieces (we use press knives for crisp, sharp edges and a great-looking, finished product) we will show you how to:

Heat crease the edges

Cement the layers of the card case together / attach the hardware to the key fob

Finish the edges with fine sandpaper and gum tragacanth

Punch the stitch holes

Set your work in a clam

Stitch the case using pre-waxed thread and a pair of needles


There’s no greater feeling than the satisfaction of making something yourself, particularly when you make it for the one you love. Why not book the class as a surprise or give it as a present using one of our beautiful gift cards?


All the materials needed for the course are provided and aprons are available for your use, but please wear trousers so that you can use the stitching pony comfortably.

Our Ethos:

To work with the best materials and create products that last:

Tactile, durable and supple veg. tanned leather from Tuscany and oak bark leather from England.  Veg. tanned leather is a natural, organical material; the tone and depth of colour of the leather varies and changes with use and age, developing a beautiful patina over time. (Leather is a waste material and by-product that would otherwise go to landfill or be incinerated).

Natural 100% felted wool for its durability and softness

Solid brass / nickel hardware from Italy and England


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