Discover Making – English Bridle Leather Belt Kit


Part of the Carreducker Discover Making series of kits, make a sturdy leather belt from English bridle leather with a solid brass buckle; fun to make, beautiful to look at and immensely satisfying to wear!

The belt kit comes either 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ wide, in small, medium or large and is ideal to wear with denim or chinos. (Use the guide shown to calculate the length you need, measuring from the centre bar of the buckle to the whole you use most often).

The Bridle Leather Belt Kit captures everything that we love about learning to make, just the right balance of tactile materials and technical difficulty, that will have you glowing with pride when you’ve finished it. It’s a keeper (excuse the pun), built to last with a solid British buckle and naturally oak bark tanned leather which looks and feels better and better with age; (plus it’s fully repairable, because if any stitching comes undone you’ll have the skills to fix it)!

There’s a ‘How to…’ film and a downloadable guide to help to walk you step by step through the process and everything you need is included in the kit, bar a pair of sharp scissors and a flat-head screwdriver.


1 x bridle leather strap & keeper, pre-punched for stitching from J&FJ Baker in Devon
1 x solid brass buckle from Abbey England in Cheshire
2 x John James leather stitching needles
3 x lengths of natural linen thread waxed for durability
1 x brass screw rivet
1 x small pot of saddle soap
1 x cotton webbing

Happy making!


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