Intensive Shoe Making Course 1 – 13 August 2022


  • DatesDate: Monday 1st – Saturday 13th August 2022 (Sunday 7th August day off)
  • TimeTime: 9:30am – 5:30pm
  • Book byBook by: Eight weeks before the course starts


We’ve been teaching handsewn shoemaking since 2006 and we’re delighted to relaunch our famous 12-day Intensive Shoemaking Course, as covid restrictions lift here in London. 


Learn to make shoes using the specialist skills, tools and techniques of handsewn shoe making, one of the most rewarding and challenging crafts to master. Handsewn shoes are also amongst the strongest construction and can be repaired time and time again, so are also a sustainable choice.

This intensive course, developed for beginners, packs an exhilarating 96 hours of shoe making into 12 days and includes comprehensive course notes and a starter box of specialist tools.  Through demonstration and trial, and using only hand-held tools, we will guide you through the following techniques:

  • Preparing the insoles and leather components
  • Hand lasting
  • Hand welting
  • Adding a leather shank and cork filler
  • Hand stitching the sole
  • Building the leather heels
  • Finishing the soles and heels by hand
  • Pulling the last and fitting a sock

At the end, you will proudly walk away with a pair of shoes that you have made yourself.


  • All of the materials that you need are provided, including an apron to work in.
  • The shoe uppers will be prepared before the class and cannot be changed once they have been ordered
  • You will be given a pair of 0743 lasts to work on in your chosen UK size
  • You will be given a comprehensive set of shoe making notes and starter pack of tools to keep.
  • We use Bakers’ oak bark tanned leather for all of the shoemaking components and Italian leather for the uppers.


A maximum of 6 students, for ample space and teacher time!


The fee is £1995 including course notes and a starter tool pack. Book now choosing your shoe colour, style, size and details and whether or not you would like wooden shoe trees.

(We’re very happy to chat through any questions that you may have and please do take a look at our blog to see photo stories from previous classes).


All Carreducker students receive a 20% discount on the kits, tools and materials that we sell online in the Supplies Shop.

See our full Terms & Conditions here.


The last is the block that the shoes are made on and so it dictates the size of shoe you will make. Our 0743 lasts are in UK shoe sizes and are designed to give a good fit across as wide a variety of feet as possible. The chart and guide below should help you to choose a correct size. (Please remember that the lasts / shoes need to be longer than your feet so that your toes have enough room).

You are also very welcome to try on a sample pair of shoes to confirm your choice of size. If you are in London, you can arrange a time to come in to try the samples on; if you are unable to come to London or live overseas, please email us so that we can arrange to ship you a pair of shoes to try for size.

Carreducker 0743 last measurements How to measure your Carreducker 0743 lasts


Black leather
Plain Derby shoe
Plain Oxford shoe
Oxford shoe straight toecap
Derby shoe straight toe cap
Detail - heel counter
Detail - dog tag
Shoe upper toe pattern
Plain toe on shoe
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