Shoe Design & Making Workshop


On this two-part course you will realise your dream shoes or boots under our expert guidance, working on our 0743 lasts or your own lasts. (The 0743 last has a standard 1 1/8″ heel height and an egg shaped toe).

Day 1:

Choose your last size

Tape up the last

Draw your design onto the last

Choose your leather colours

Choose the details, stitch colour, eyelets etc.

Day 2:

Your uppers are ready , now to make your shoes

Learn how to pull the uppers onto the lasts

Fit a stiffener at the heel for grip and shape

Fit a toe puff at the toe for shape

Cement your uppers in place with leather glue

Choose your edge and sole finish

Then we will send your shoes off for the sole and heel to be attached and finished, before returning them to you ready to wear!


Buy the course and then get in touch with us to book the date for your design day  (Day 1).

(Day2 will take place around 4 weeks after the design day, allowing time to get everything prepared for the day of shoe making).

See our full Terms & Conditions here.


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