Make Your Own Shoes – Handsewn Shoe Making Course


Carreducker shoe making students

Learn to make your own shoes using the specialist skills, tools and techniques of handsewn shoemaking, working alongside us in our Shoreditch workshop. We’ll arrange the training around your schedule whether that’s one day a week, 12 days in a row, weekends or on our evening classes.


  • It is designed for complete beginners and those with some experience
  • You can choose a shoe or boot style suited to the craft
  • Come in to try on a pair of shoes for size and to choose your leather colour (a wide variety of colours are available)
  • Includes all the materials that you need and a leather pack of Bakers of Colyton oak bark leather
  • Includes a comprehensive set of shoe making notes
  • Includes a starter pack of tools

During some 96 hours of training time we will guide you through the 200+ steps in the traditional English handsewn shoe making process.

All materials included.


£1995 for up to 96 hours of teaching (12 days) plus a starter tool kit. At the end of the course you will proudly walk away with a pair of shoes that you have made yourself!


Book now and then email us to choose your size and to arrange a time that suits your schedule whether it’s 12 days in one go, on our evening classes, one day a week, two days a week or two days a month.

See our full Terms & Conditions here.

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