Derby Shoe Pattern Making Video – Module 1 – Designing on the Last



The Derby Shoe is a wardrobe essential and the basis for so many popular shoe and boot designs. This video series is broken down into three modules:

Module 1: Taping the last, marking the guide points and drawing on the design

Module 2: Taking the design from the last and making the standard

Module 3: Making the pattern pieces from the standard

Module 1:

Creating an accurate, well-fitting pattern is essential to creating well-proportioned, well-fitting uppers. In this video you will learn:

  • About the tools used in pattern making
  • The terminology used to describe the last
  • How to tape up the last
  • Where to mark the key guide points
  • How to design onto the last


The course is taught by industry expert Fiona Campbell, MA who teaches the specialist pattern maker’s techniques that she uses to make bespoke shoe and boot patterns.

Video Spec.

Modules:  1 of 3
Run time: 37 minutes
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