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We’re bringing everything that we know about handsewn shoe making online, some 30 years experience, so that wherever you are in the world you can access the very best training, tips and techniques.

This video covers how we take measurements of the feet to send to our last maker. It is important that you use the same methods as the company that will be making your lasts. We work with Springline Ltd of Northampton to have our lasts made and so we use their methods to take our measurements for customer and student feet. That way we know that the lasts will be as good a fit as possible from the outset.

There are many different ways to take measurements from pressure pads to foot scanners but the trusty pencil, tape measure and paper has served us well over the years; so this is how we work. We made this film to help you to take measurements yourself, either of your own feet or for your customers.

What you will need at home

  • a tape measure
  • a pencil
  • a foam impression box (see thumbnails)
  • the feet of a willing helper


Our detailed step-by-step videos take you through the entire process

  • How to hold the pencil
  • Drawing around the feet
  • Where to measure and note the measurements
  • How to mark hammer toes, bunions, etc.
  • How to take a foam impression of the foot


If you would like an hour’s Zoom support to talk through this film, please contact us to arrange a time and date.

You can find more shoe making films on our YouTube channel or why not join us for a face-to-face course at our London workshop? Tell us what you would like to learn and we’ll tailor a programme for you.

COMING in 2021:

Masterclasses modules: Fitting up a Last; Feet & Lasts; Leathers; Norwegian Welt, Storm Welt, Fiddle Waist and Bevelled Waist


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