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This series of shoe making videos bring everything that we know about handsewn shoe making, some 30 years experience, to you, so that wherever you are in the world you can access the very best training, tips and techniques.

This is based on our famous 12-day course for beginners, filmed over several days and edited into bite-sized modules that take you through the 200+ steps in the shoemaking process.

You can buy the course in full or cherry pick which module you would like, so whether you are a complete beginner or a shoemaker looking to finesse your techniques or top up your knowledge there is something here for you.

We’ll be adding tips and tricks and building a database of FAQs (frequently asked questions) as we roll out the programme of films and Zoom support is available by arrangement at £30 per hour.


Our detailed step-by-step videos take you through the entire 200+ steps in the English handsewn shoe making process to make a pair of leather soled and heels shoes using traditional hand tools and heritage craft techniques including hand lasting and hand welting.

MODULE 1: PREPARATION (39 minute film)

How to prepare the components for handsewn shoe making – the stiffeners, toe puffs, insoles (including the holdfast), welts and threads

MODULE 2: LASTING (34 minute film)

How to fit the stiffeners and toe puffs; and pull over and secure the uppers to make the shoes tightly shaped to the last

MODULE 3: WELTING (31 minute film)

How to hand stitch a leather welt around the shoes

MODULE 4: SOLING (45 minute film)

How to prepare and attach a leather shank, cork filler and a leather sole, stitched by hand

MODULE 5: HEEL BUILDING (52 minute film)

How to build leather heels with layers of leather, nails and paste


How to finish the soles and heels – waxed and polished, pull the lasts and sock the shoes


The materials that you need to make leather shoes are available  here in Supplies Shop or click on the links below to go direct to:

  • Shoe Making Kit 1 – lasts, uppers and Bakers of Colyton leather pack
  • Shoe Making Kit 2 – uppers and Bakers of Colyton leather pack
  • Leather pack – Bakers of Colyton stiffeners, toe puffs, welts, insoles, soles, shank, cork, split lift, heel lifts, top pieces
  • A pair of lasts
  • A pair of uppers (if you have your own lasts, send us the left one with your design and choice of leather colours and we will have your uppers made for you)
  • A tool kit including French hammer, awls, lasting pliers, edge irons, nail hammer etc.
  • A thread kit including tar, thread wax, thread
  • Materials e.g. contact adhesive (e.g. neoprene), shoe making paste, talcum powder, 26mm nails, 20mm nails
  • A spirit burner
  • A strop

(We do not sell bristles for the threads, but you can buy boar or acrylic bristles or shoe making needles; or use 0.04mm fishing line as bristles).


‘HOW TO…’ videos on our YouTube channel showing how to hold and use various specialist shoe making tools

Face-to-face shoe making courses at our London workshop, tailored to you, depending on Government covid guidelines.

Zoom support with master shoemakers James Ducker or Deborah Carre at £30 per hour by arrangement.

COMING soon:

Masterclasses modules: Measuring the Feet; Feet & Lasts; Leathers; Norwegian Welt, Storm Welt, Fiddle Waist and Bevelled Waist


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