Made In London Book

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Made in London

This superb book is a work of passion by Mark Brearley and Carmel King, a celebration of London manufacturing from the metal spinners, paint producers, gunmakers, foundries, fabricators and precision-engineers to independent workshops; with these often-hidden spaces, processes and people vivdly captured and brought to life by Carmel’s photography and in the accompanying text by Clare Dowdy.

The book tells the story of 50 London businesses – from hand crafting propellers to designing and making bespoke footwear (yes, you guessed it) – workshops and factories where things are actually made, mended and restored.

It’s a fascinating glimpse behind the doors at the processes and spaces that are generally hidden from view, and the people who work there, from sole traders to teams numbering in the hundreds; a timely celebration of the vibrant manufacturing scene that contributes so much to the creativity, vitality and economy of the city.


Hardback published by Merrell
29cm x 22.5cm
256 pages
900 colour illustrations

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