Make Me: Leather Stamp Kit


The Alphabet Stamp Kit is great fun to add your name, initials or an important date to your leather work.


Set of capital letters 6mm high + numbers 0 – 9

Acrylic double-headed hammer


The Alphabet Stamp set of letters and number is a great way to personalise your work. But you can also get creative with the set to make shapes, symbols and creatures; upside down Vs make great animal ears, a horizontal zero makes a nose and I’s make good whiskers.

The hammer has special acrylic heads so that it doesn’t damage the end of your stamping post.

Here’s a few tips to help you to get stamping:

  • The letters simply clip onto the end of the post
  • Hold the post upright and push it down firmly onto the surface before you strike it with the hammer
  • Keep focused on the end of the post where you want to hit it
  • It’s better to strike once hard than lots of gentle taps
  • To avoid wasting your leather and making a mistake on your finished work, why not practice your stamping first on a thick piece of cardboard?
  • Use a piece of masking tape to space out your letters evenly
  • It’s worth noting that simple letters like ‘J’ and I’ need a more gentle hit than complex letters like ‘B’ and ‘M’

How lovely to make something yourself and to then give it a personal touch. Combine it with our Make Me Keyring Kit and you’re all set for some fun making!

All of our kits and courses make great gifts!

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