Intensive 12-day handsewn shoemaking

shoe making - 12-day intensive course - London

Learning completely new skills is an exciting challenge. When those skills are taught by working master craftsmen, it becomes a truly unique experience. 

We run a traditional English bespoke shoe making business, working with a highly skilled team of outworkers to make the lasts, footwear patterns and shoe uppers to our designs and measurements. Then we make the shoes here in our workshop using only hand tools - hand lasting, welting, stitching the sole, building the heels and finishing - and the techniques that you will learn with us.

At the start of the shoe making course you will be given a starter kit of tools, a set of comprehensive course notes and a pack of shoe making materials - lasts to work on in your chosen size (the forms the shoes are made on); leather uppers (you will have chosen either black or dark brown); and “rough stuff” leather for the soles etc.

In the following days, we will guide you through the 200+ steps in the shoe making process. You will work with specialist hand tools - from the shoe making knife (you best friend or worst enemy depending on how sharp it is), and lasting pliers to welting  awls, square awls , edge irons and a fudge wheel – and traditional shoe making materials – oak bark tanned leather, tar, thread wax and hemp thread.

After some 96 hours of shoe making, you will proudly walk away with a pair of shoes that you have made yourself!

As you can imagine, the course is both physically and mentally demanding. But don’t be put off; the majority of our students are complete beginners and the hard work is balanced by a great and very well-deserved, sense of achievement at the end! 

Places on all courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis so please download, complete and return your booking form as soon as possible. To see a shoe making course in action, visit our blog. Please contact Carréducker on +44(0)20 7813 0093 or at if you have any questions, to check availability or to pay a deposit. Remaining payments are collected two months prior to the course start date.

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