“They (sic) make it easy to get lost in the world of shoemaking. Having attended classes for just over two years, I’ve become a committed life-long shoemaker.”

Derrek, The Netherlands

“I took my shoes to a few makers…re apprenticeships…All of the makers were quite complimentary about the finished shoes which I must put down to your teaching since I had done nothing before the course, so thank you again.”

Ben, USA

“Thank you …for being wonderful teachers and for creating a cosy and fun atmosphere for all of us. I’m even thankful for the blisters now that I can see the results of the hard work”

Beatrice, Brazil

“That course…became one of the most important stages in my life. Thank you for that wonderful time”

Sviatoslav, Ukraine

“I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Natalya, USA

“Thank you for the best three weeks of my education. I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to follow your course”.

Carina, Denmark

“I have been craving the know-how to stitch welts and soles – to go a level up from cemented soles – and this was definitely the way to learn how to do it, the traditional way”

Ruben, Spain

“It really is a jumping off point to greater things and encourages you to see your project through to the end.”

Ira, USA

“Whether you know you want to do this professionally or as a hobbyist, you’ll find this rewarding and informative.”

Rob, USA

“I enjoyed my time with James and Deborah immensely. It’s rare to have access to the level of expertise, but also the care and attention available through their courses with a huge amount of time being given to each student.”

Cameron, London


Learning completely new skills is an exciting challenge and working with your hands rewarding, fuelling both heart and soul.

We have taught handsewn shoe making for nearly 20 years, and more recently leather craft, training hundreds of wonderful people from across the globe.

Our courses have ignited a passion for making; boosted confidence; provided much-need relaxation; launched new shoemakers and creators; started new careers and encouraged career-changes; and embedded a new-found respect for makers and making.

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