There is no substitute for learning from a master craftsman.

Learning handsewn shoemaking, like any new skill, needs practice but also a strong foundation of good techniques on which to build.

Face-to-face classes, spent learning alongside James Ducker and Deborah Carre, are inspiring, allowing you to draw on the wealth of experience and skill used to make their acclaimed bespoke handsewn shoes and leather goods.

Down-to-earth, warm and friendly, their classes – full of careful guidance and patient encouragement – aim to have you leave the workshop, not only with a pair of shoes or a leather accessory you have made yourself, but inspired to continue making.

Their programme of classes can be tailored to suit you, with shoe making and leathercraft classes designed for complete beginners and masterclasses for those already with some experience.

Online tutorials and courses share the same principles as their in-class training; thoughtfully designed to help you to learn the foundations, refine your techniques and put in that all-important practice; available to download and keep.

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