Our shoes are like a vintage watch or car, they are a wonderful investment that need a regular service to keep them running smoothly.

Please email us if your Carreducker’s need a service. Here’s our price guide:

FULL SERVICE £149 – toe plates, heel top pieces and/or sticker soles and renovation

shoe polish








RENOVATION – clean, nourish and polish – £59

Carreducker bespoke repairs - heels

HEELS – new top pieces – £52

Carreducker bespoke shoe repairs

TOES – toe plates – £62

Carreducker micro sticker sole

STICKER SOLES – a micro or rubber sole  – £72

FULL RE-SOLE – not usually necessary before 5 years –  £490


If you have shoes and boots from other brands that need a service then we will try to provide a repair recommendation near you, where we can.

In/near London:  George’s Shoe Repairs, London

Postal service: Kings of Somerset, Somerset