Bastwick Oxford Shoe

The Bastwick lightweight oxford shoe is a fine example of the Carreducker Bespoke Manufactured range. In response to a customer’s request, we made this shoe primarily for comfortable, everyday wear – around the house; a trip away; a night out with friends. Something to relax in but still look stylish.

A real hybrid, these shoes combine the style of a classic oxford with the comfort of a deck shoe. The electric blue calf is truly luxurious and the buttery  veg tanned calf lining caresses the foot. The white rubber sole is super light, combining cushioning and durability

So if you don’t want to wear a leather soled dress shoe every day, we can definitely help

The Bastwick is fully bespoke, so we use the customer’s bespoke lasts to make them. We hand last them and hand welt them, in this case it is a Norwegian welt. We then machine stitch a leather midsole to the welt and cement the white rubber sole

This means that we can replace the sole when it wears out. And by the way, these soles are super durable and last a very long time.

Shoe trees are optional in the Bespoke Manufactured range and this customer chose not to have them.

If you want a casual, lightweight oxford shoe, the Bastwick is for you.

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