Wenlock Saddle Oxford Shoe

Burgundy oxford shoes are a classic choice for those who don’t want black or brown shoes and this shade has long been our favourite.

Please bear in mind that feet come in all shapes and sizes, and that not all feet are long, narrow and sleek. This is where the true skills of the bespoke shoemaker come to the fore. This customer has a long term Achilles heel problem and swollen toe joints which necessitate his wearing orthotics. Consequently, we have to make room for them in the finished shoes which is why the volumes on these lovely saddle oxfords are on the larger side. But even so, we think the shoes are elegant and well proportioned as well as being comfortable.

Indeed, making shoes like these are a real pleasure because they make such a big difference to the customer’s daily life. Just think about how uncomfortable shoes can ruin you day and stop you being able to concentrate. Plus, they require a lot of problem solving on our part, one of the pleasures of making shoes. So if you have difficult feet, bespoke shoes might be the route to take.

Additionally, these burgundy oxford shoes have an unusual design in as much as they have a saddle, a feature more common in derby shoes. We think they are a really cool pair of shoes

UPPERS: burgundy box calf

LINING: burgundy box calf

MAKING: 1″ heels; 1/4″ soles; sticker sole for grip; bespoke trees

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