Dombey Derby Boot

Green boots are not something we get asked to make very often, but sometimes, you find a skin that you know you have to find a use for. We found this gorgeous leather on a trip to our merchant in Northampton to buy some skins for other bespoke commissions and while rooting around in their shed, we found it and we just had to have it

It is an oiled nubuck in the darkest bottle green you can imagine. In some light it looks black, but when you get it in sunlight, the true colour shines out. We love leather that tricks the eye like this.

These are a high Balmoral style derby with eyelets and ski hooks for ease of tying the laces. They also have bellows tongues where the tongue folds and is stitched into the facings to prevent water getting in. The style is still quite formal so we kept with the leather sole but lightened the waist. The addition of a sticker sole gives grip in the wet and stops the water soaking in through the soles and makes these green boots ideal for the wetter weather

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UPPERS: veg tanned green oiled nubuck calf; bellows tongues; eyelets and ski hooks

LINING: veg tanned straw coloured calf by du Puy

MAKING: standard heel height; 5/16″ sole; light square waist; natural finish throughout; sticker sole

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