Copperfield Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are a staple of a man’s wardrobe and we do make a lot of them as they are classic and timeless. Although it must be said that we have made relatively few black oxfords in the last few years. In fact, very few black shoes, brown shoes seem to have usurped their place. But here is a pair of black ones and rather lovely they are too

These are for a long standing customer who wants them for wearing to more formal meetings with a suit. However he wanted a few bespoke touches to personalise them  to his own stlye and he also wante dto relax them a little. So we chose to use some black croc for the facings which instantly lifts them. He also chose his signature royal blue kid lining. However the feature which really sets them apart is the natural finish on the sole and heel edges which is definitely an unuaual touch

We think they look great and will serve him well  for many years

UPPERS: black box calf; straight cap, croc facings, counter and no punching

LINING: royal blue glace kid

MAKING: hand lasted; hand welted; 1/4″ sole; standard heel height; regular welt; 10 spi; natural finish throughout

If you like these oxford shoes, you might like these which are simpler but with a toe medallion.

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