Endsleigh Oxford Shoe

Two tone Oxford shoe in blue waxed canvas and dark brown calf skin. We love these shoes and they are right up there in our list of favourites. Thankfully, shoes are not like children and you are allowed favourites!

They are made on a vintage Cesare Paciotti last which we found in a junk shop in Florence. We loved it’s simple elegance and unique toe shape, sometimes known as a suspicious square. The original last was very small and damaged,so we graded it up to a UK 9 for the sample to give them a regular proportion. We think it is important to give customers a clear idea of how a certain shoe will look on a typical man’s foot.

The design is pretty unique. Generally, an Oxford shoe, or any shoe for that matter, does not have straight lines, so the counters on these break that rule. We also like how the counters meet the wing cap in the waist.

The materials are classic Carreducker, a mix of colours and textures, in this case blue waxed canvas and nut brown calf. It’s a bold choice but it works harmoniously. We do not often put eyelets on our bespoke shoes but here, because the facings are canvas, we used matching blue ones.

Overall, a fine looking pair of shoes

UPPERS: blue waxed cotton canvas and nut brown calf with matching blue eyelets

LINING: straw veg tanned calf by du Puy

MAKING: hand lasted and welted; square waist, 1/4″ sole; standard heel height; brown finish throughout

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