Linton Derby Shoe

Blue shoes are a firm favourite here at Carréducker and so when we get a customer who orders a pair, we are always delighted. And this pair of electric blue bespoke Derby shoes are particularly handsome. We love the colour of the leather and we also love the white rubber sole which makes them extremely lightweight. The top line is padded so that they feel like a sneaker when you put them on. Comfort is the order of the day here. You could wear these all day and not notice you have them on.

They are part of the Bespoke Manufactured service so we used the customer’s existing bespoke last but softened the toe to give a more casual feel to the shoes. So once we hand lasted and Norwegian welted them, we sent them to our favourite desert boot maker who stitched a leather through and then cemented the sole.

UPPERS: electric blue calf; padded top line, plain fronted; matching blue eyelets

LINING: straw veg tanned calf; reverse counter for heel grip

MAKING: hand lasted; hand Norwegian welt; oak bark stitched leather through; cemented white rubber sole

The Linton was inspired by these blue shoes which made to show the variety of styles available in the Bespoke Manufactured range.


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