8″ Shoehorn


Natural shoehorns are beautiful to look at, tactile and help you to put your shoes on more easily, whilst also protecting them.

Branded with the signature Carreducker CD ingot, our shoehorns are a handy length – 8″ or 20cm – so a great size to carry with you, but not so small as to be fiddly, and come with a thonged loop.  One of the charming things about the shoehorns is how unique each one is. The colour and patterning of the horn varies enormously, so the shoehorn that you will receive will look unlike any other.

The shoehorn arrives tissue wrapped and boxed, so is also a great looking gift for shoe enthusiasts!

(The colour and pattern of each shoehorn will differ from those pictured).

9 in stock (can be backordered)

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