Intermediate: 1-to-1 Bevelled Waist Shoe Making Course


This 14-day shoe making course is for shoemakers with some handsewn experience, as it teaches the specialist skills of making a bevelled waist on a shoe. It is a distinctive, elegant feature of bespoke shoemaking where the sole folds up to hide the stitching in the waist of the shoe.

You will start with a comprehensive set of course notes, calf leather shoe uppers, lasts, tools and a pack of oak bark tanned leather ‘rough stuff’ from Bakers in Devon. Then we will guide you through the 200+ steps involved in handsewing a pair of shoes.

After preparing your insole, stiffeners, toe puffs and welt, you will be shown how to create a curvaceous hold fast and then hand last the uppers. You will attach and shape a leather shank and infill the forepart with cork. Then you will prepare your welt for the bevel and stitch it on using two different stitching awls and techniques. You’ll learn how to trim and hammer it and then how to prepare the sole – thinning it out at the waist – before cementing and smoothing it in place so that it takes the wonderful curves of the waist. 

You will stitch on the sole by hand and then build the heel before finishing the shoes entirely by hand.

Simply choose:

  • Your UK shoe size – we have lasts in sizes 3 -13 including half sizes
  • A leather colour: Tan, Burgundy, Dark Brown or Black
  • A shoe style: Plain Derby, Plain Oxford, Toecap Derby, Toecap Oxford, or Full Brogue Oxford
  • To have blind or metal eyelets, a heel tab or counter and a toe medallion or no toe medallion

…then email us or call 07401 148763 to book a time to suit.

The fee for a tailored, 14-day Bevelled Waist shoe making course is £3100.

See our full Terms & Conditions here.

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