Our bespoke shoe service is centred around the individual. We work with each customer to craft bespoke shoes and boots specifically tailored to their feet, to their personal style and to perform in a specific environment – whether a pair of boots for the snow or dress shoes for a Gala dinner.

Making bespoke shoes is a demanding process with exacting expertise required at every stage. We start with an initial consultation with the customer where we take measurements and discuss details, toe shapes and leathers. Once we have the customer’s lasts, we move on to the all-important fitting stage. Then, when we have the fit, the shoes are handsewn at our Shoreditch workshop before being fitted with bespoke shoe or boot trees.

From seeing a client for the first time to delivering the finished shoes, the entire process takes some six months, allowing time for fittings. Subsequent pairs of shoes can be ordered via email or telephone and are delivered in around 12 weeks.

If you would like to find out more, to commission bespoke footwear or indeed to make an appointment please contact us by email bespoke@carreducker.com or telephone 020 3774 3471.