Cavendish Dress Shoe

Black patent dress shoes come in all shapes and sizes these days. You could still choose the classic slip on pump with grosgrain bow but there is no requirement to stick to that. Anything goes, as long as it is dark, shiny and dressy. We think the Cavendish dress shoe handsomely meets all of those criteria.

It is a plain fronted oxford with a double row of stitching on the vamp seam and a classic back seam with a small dog ear. There is no other decoration because we agreed with the customer that patent leather doesn’t need any other enhancements. It has that eye-catching shine, especially in the evening where it catches the light.

We added a cushioned footbed during the making because the customer complained about sore feet after standing up for long stretches of time at events.

We don’t make a lot of black patent dress shoes it must be said. So when we get the chance, it is a lot of fun working with patent leather. You have to love a bit of bling!

UPPERS: black patent calf with plain front, double row of stitching on the vamp seam and simple dog ear back seam

LINING: high shine black glace kid

MAKING: 1″ heel; 1/4″ sole; bevelled waist; black finish throughout

If you like this style but don’t want patent leather, you might like these shoes.

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