Belvedere Wholecuts

Black wholecuts are a staple of many a dapper gent’s wardrobe and are oftern seen as unremarkable. But we are increasingly succumbing to their simple charms. Firstly there is the black leather, once the most common colour for a men’s bespoke shoe. In these informal days, we rarely make any black shoes, let alone wholecuts. Secondly there is the beauty of the last which wholecuts really accentuate. Fortunately this customer has a narrow foot and so his lasts lend themselves perfectly to the black wholecut. They are sleek with sinuous curves, especially in the waist and around the instep. If a customer has a wide or a few lumps and bumps, we steer them away from choosing wholecuts.

This pair has a thin leather sole with a bevelled waist to accentuate the style lines. The purple glace kid lining is a bespoke touch only meant for the customer’s pleasure – nobody elae will ever know it is there!

UPPERS: black Winheimer box calf

LINING: purple glace kid

MAKING: hand lasted; hand welted; 1/4″ sole; standard heel height; regular welt; 10 dpi; black finish throughout, rubber sticker soles, bespoke trees

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