Hutton Oxford Shoes

Black oxford shoes are clearly like buses. You wait ages to make one and then suddenly several come at once. And there was me saying we rarely make black shoes any more and this is the third pair of black oxford shoes in a month. Maybe they are making a come back. And what’s not to like? So elegant and timeless, this pair has a straight cap and no counter. Their simplicity lets the beauty of the contours shine

The customer has a very defined look – a polo neck jumper and suit in various colour combinations and he wanted some shoes which he could wear with everything. So a pair of black oxford shoes seemed to be the obvious choice. We did toy with the idea of burgundy which would have worked equally well, but this gent is old school

We also did a high shine on the cap. This is something which we can top up if a customer does not have the time or inclination to keep the shine up themselves.

We think they look great and will serve him well  for many years

UPPERS: black box calf; straight cap, double rows of stitches on the vamp seam and no punching

LINING: black glace kid

MAKING: hand lasted; hand welted; 1/4″ sole; standard heel height; regular welt; 10 spi; black finish throughout; high shine on the cap

If you like these black oxford shoes, you might like these which are similar but with a toe medallion.


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