Farnham Derby Boot

Low derby boots seem to be our most popular style recently. And especially in honeyed caramel tones. The Farnham derby boot can be proudly added to the list

These were a long time in the making. They are a gift from a wife to her husband for his sixtieth birthday. However, they are slightly unusual in that they already had the bespoke lasts which were a gift for his fiftieth. Poor guy had to wait ten years to get going on his bespoke journey!

When he came in, he arrived on his motorbike in black leathers so immediately thought great, this guy is going to be cool. And so it proved to be. He was not very sure about what he wanted but he knew exactly what he didn’t want or like. This is often the way with bespoke customers – choosing the style of shoe is a process of elimination as well as choosing things you like.

He wanted something relaxed, easy to slip on and off and versatile. So, through chatting and looking at samples, we honed down his choices to this rather unique pair of low derby boots

He absolutely loves them and we hope you will too

UPPERS: tan Tempesti veg tanned calf; counter; three lace holes; burgundy backstrap; and classic Carreducker crowsfoot stay stitches

LINING: Burgundy glace kid

MAKING: hand lasted; hand welted; machine stitched sole and heel unit; machine finished;commando sticker sole; 3/8″ sole thickness

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