Shoe Making Class – 5 Day Hand Lasting & Welting



You will learn two of the most important elements of hand sewn shoe making, hand lasting and hand welting.

Hand lasting is the stage of pulling the leather shoe upper over the last (the forms that the shoes are made on), where it is secured in place with nails. It is one of the most important because a hand lasted shoe has a beautiful shape, exactly following the contours of the last.

Hand welting is the next stage, where a strip of leather is stitched by hand around the edge of the shoe. This is the foundation for attaching the sole and heel.

You will work with specialist shoe making tools – a shoe making knife (your best friend or worst enemy depending on how sharp it is), lasting pliers, nippers, a leather hammer and a sewing awl and mitt.

Once you have finished welting, your shoes will be sent off to our specialist cobbler to have the leather sole and heel attached before being carefully boxed up and delivered back to you ready to be worn!


All materials are provided. Please note that the shoes and boots are made on our standard 0743 last with either a round or almond toe and 1 1/8″ high heel; if you opt for a boot the height of the leg is 6″ (15cm)


The course runs for some 35 hours of teaching time which you can take as an evening class, on weekdays or by arrangement on Saturdays.

Next Steps

Please book the course and then email us or call 07401 148763 to arrange to come in to try on a pair of shoes for size, to choose your leather and your detailing and to arrange a start date.

If you can’t come in in person, then please send us your UK shoe size along with outline drawings of your feet with a pencil held vertically against the foot, whilst you stand upright wih your weight evenly distributed.

If you opt for a boot, please also send the circumference of your ankle measured at 6″ from the floor (standing in socks on a flat surface).


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