Learn Storm Welting – Shoe Making Course


Email school@carreducker.com to arrange dates and to choose the style of shoe or boot you would like to make

This course is for those with some shoemaking experience. On the 6-day shoe making course you will learn the specialist storm welted construction which is used for strong, water-resistant footwear.

You will start with a comprehensive set of course notes and the uppers, lasts, tools and materials that you need. Then we will guide you through hand lasting and then sewing a storm welt. Your shoes are then ready to be sent to a cobbler for the sole to be stitched on and the heel attached.

Please contact us to discuss dates, if you have any questions or would like to arrange to have uppers made for your own lasts for the course – email school@carreducker.com or call 07401 148763 and we’ll be happy to help.

The fee for a tailored, 6-day storm welt shoe making course is £1495.

See our full Terms & Conditions here.

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